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Kids hiding drugs

Girl hides from father

When kids are using drugs they can be superbly resourceful and creative when it comes to their hiding spots. You always knew that your kids were entirely too smart for their own good and way more creative than they would ever show. You just never thought it would come in the form of where your kids are hiding their drugs.

Here are some of the top spots your kids hide drugs:

1. On and behind shelves

Depending on how thorough you are with your room checks your kids may just decide to hide their drugs behind picture frames or their old model cars sitting on their shelves. Pay attention while you are dusting and you may come across something more than dirt.

2. Inside cases

These cases include retainer cases if your kids have braces, makeup cases, guitar cases, DVD and CD cases, wallets and purses. Check your kid’s cases because it may be where they are hiding their drugs. Pay closer attention to the things your child carries with them at all times. Your kids are hiding their drugs where it’s convenient for them to get to their stash and also where they think you might not look.

3. In their car

That car that they think is their car but you paid for, put gas in, fix when it’s broken and pay that pricey car insurance every month. Yeah, that car.

If your teen is driving, definitely pay attention to where they’re hiding their drugs in their car. This can be a double edged sword because if you find drugs in their car, a police officer could find them too. If your child gets pulled over, which they most likely will at some point in their teenage life, they can get into some serious legal trouble. Make sure to check your kid’s car occasionally. If your kids are using drugs chances are they aren’t just using at home so they will carry their stash of drugs in their car to use with friends or at a party they are going to.

4. Inside Mr.Fluffy

That old stuffed animal your son or daughter has had since they were two years old could now be the home to where your kids are hiding their drugs. Inside of old stuffed animals that may have holes is a place many kids hide their drugs because they think no one will ever check there. The symbol of your kid’s innocence and drug use can go hand in hand. Many adolescents that have associated attachments with a childhood teddy bear see it as “safe” place to hide their drugs. Look for any signs that there may be a place for your kids to hide their drugs in their teddy.

3. In their clothes

Your kids could be hiding their drugs in pockets of clothes hanging in the back of their closet or may even go so far as to sew new little compartments for drugs within their clothes. Check both. When you do the laundry or put their clothes away run your hands through the seams and check in the pockets of the clothes hanging in the closet. This is a classic spot of where your kids are hiding their drugs. On a side note if you’re in the closet maybe check in a couple shoes and shoe boxese, too. Your kids may be hiding their drugs within their shoes or underneath the soles of their shoes.

These are all fairly common spots of where your kids are hiding their drugs. They are some other places too such as A/C, heating vents, drop down ceilings, attics, underneath video game counsoles, socks, stereo speakers, bras and underwear, slits in mattresses, pillow cases, or even an empty deodorant bottle. When kids start using their imagination they can get pretty creative with hiding their drugs. Don’t be disappointed in yourself if you don’t find them and you know they are using. Just be aware and pay attention. Where your kids are hiding their drugs may become a little more apparent to you if you just open your eyes a little bit to what your kids are doing in their spare time.

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