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Addiction News: May 8th, 2013 Drugs Against Drugs - National Cancer Institute (NCI) Alzheimer’s Treatment Failed Trial, Maker Says  [The New York Times] Brooke Mueller in rehab for prescription drug abuse, rep says [Los Angeles Times] FDA Warns Migraine Treatment Drug Linked To Pregnancy Risk [... Learn More
Addiction News: April 10th, 2013   Use reflexology to complement drugs in pain treatment, survey findings suggest [Independent] Don't punish people who really need painkillers [LA Times] The high cost of unaffordable prescriptions [MSN] Nun with gambling addiction admits stealing $128K from 2 NY churches;... Learn More
Addiction News: April 5th, 2013   Death by laxatives: British beauty’s tragic demise sheds light on dangerous  addiction [NY Daily News] A Japanese Asthma Drug May Help Curb Meth and Heroin Addiction [Motherboard] Photo-ageing in pharmacy may help young smokers to quit [Pulse It] New... Learn More
Your Baby’s Brain on Drugs   Your Baby's Brain on Drugs Obviously, exposure to drugs prenatally is bad for a baby’s brain. A baby’s brain is growing and developing while you are pregnant, so when drugs are introduced, it can disrupt this growth. The amount... Learn More
Opiate Addicts Now Turning to Heroin Prescription narcotic abuse in the US over the last 10 years has skyrocketed. The use and abuse of prescription drugs is viewed differently by most people than abuse of the so-called “street drugs.” It is more socially acceptable to take... Learn More
In The News: Heroin Epidemic in Ohio When most people think of heroin use they might envision a middle aged man shooting up heroin in a back alley somewhere in Urban America. That couldn’t be far from the truth today. Heroin abuse is silently creeping up on... Learn More

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