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In the News: Selena Gomez’s Parents Want Her in Rehab and Away from Justin

Selena’s folks see Justin Bieber as a bad influence on their daughter and want her to go back to rehab as a way of putting some distance between the two. Mandy and Brian Teefey are worried about Selena’s mental health and well-being, as well as her career. According to a source close to the family,  the parents/managers of the young star believe the situation calls for some “much-needed rest and clarity,” and another stint in rehab, they hope, will “get Justin out of her life once and for all.”

Enabling and the Tough Love Approach

According to the same source, Selena’s parents have been big enablers of their daughter, they’ve been “weak trying to make it happen, but are now trying to buckle down on it.” The Teefeys seem to think that, by going back to rehab, Selena will get a chance for rest and mental clarity on her relationship with the Biebs.

Apparently, they’re really buckling down on Selena and are “even using her little sister to motivate her,” the source said. “Her parents have begun using the fact that Selena will not be able to see her sister until she gets help and that seems to be working.”

A Family in Denial

It sounds like Selena’s parents have some insight into their daughter’s troubles, however, both the parents as well as Selena herself seem to be in denial about something much greater at hand. The insider said that “Selena’s main issues are depression and anxiety and obviously when she drinks alcohol, it only amplifies the problem,” and added, “She also has trouble sleeping, which makes everything worse.” It sounds like there is much more than codependency and heartbreak afoot. Apparently, Selena is struggling with mental illness as well as possible substance abuse – two things that often go hand-in-hand. And, of course, it will affect her ability to sleep, too.

As is common with substance abuse and addiction, the family wants to blame someone for their daughter’s troubles. It could be that the relationship with Bieber is making matters worse for Selena but, it sounds like she has her own issues to work out. No one goes to rehab just for “depression and anxiety;” there’s usually an aspect of substance abuse or addiction involved. Selena’s mom, especially, “attributes many of [Selena’s] troubles to hanging out with the ‘wrong crowd,’ Justin included.”

The source added, “Selena really wants to get better but isn’t sure what to do. Rehab is not something she thinks she needs. She thinks if she can just focus on her career and stay away from certain people, things will get better.”

Other Health Concerns

Gomez also suffers from lupus, an autoimmune disease, which can be exacerbated by emotional stress – causing flare ups. This has already become an issue for the star: Selena canceled part of her Stars Dance tour, at the beginning of the year, due to her health concerns. The ironic thing is that, at that time, she told fans that she had to put her health first. It’s ironic because she doesn’t seem to think that what she’s doing now is causing problems and that she’s basically not putting gher health first by putting off rehab and continuing to spend time with Bieber.

Update: Selena Fires Parents at Justin’s Insistence

It’s being reported today that Bieber has apparently convinced Selena to fire her parents as her managers. “Justin kept trying to convince Selena to dump her parents as managers — and it finally happened when Mandy told Selena she was concerned about her being dragged into Justin’s upcoming legal woes. Selena fired back, saying she was firing them both.

“Mandy and Brian didn’t take Selena seriously…until they read press reports confirming their termination. Now Justin’s telling pals he couldn’t be happier!”

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