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You’ll be tempted to allow diversions to keep you from doing what you need to this coming week. Concentrating may be difficult so make an effort to stay focused – try meditating to clear your mind. See accepting your responsibilities as a challenge you can rise to; you will find comfort in sticking to the program and fulfilling your commitments.


A close friend might disappoint you this week, Taurus, which might have you feeling betrayed and angry at first. Reconsider your initial reaction and don’t catch a resentment from it. Be careful to avoid slipping into your old ways of responding emotionally. Us the tools you have been given and reach out to your supports for their input and suggestions.


This week is all about staying humble and being diligent with work, recovery, daily chores, and so on. Even if this stuff seems boring, remember to be grateful for what you have and the things you are responsible for doing now. Here’s a helpful tip: think of all your “have to’s” (I have to go to work, I have to go to a meeting, etc.) as “get-to’s” – like, I get to go to work and I get to go to a meeting.  By changing your language, you will also notice a change in your attitude – a change for the better. You will notice how easy being grateful comes to you.


By taking care of your responsibilities, you will find this leads to new opportunities for social encounters. Just be sure to set healthy boundaries with already-established acquaintances and new people you meet. Be aware of your intuition – that gut feeling that might be telling you there’s a red flag about a certain person or situation. Always put your recovery first even if you feel silly by declining an invitation or telling someone ‘no.’


Although you are usually the social butterfly in your group of friends, you might want to play it low-key this week, Leo. You might be feeling particularly emotional or just introspective. Pass on the party invitation for now and indulge in some quiet time alone or with family or with a few close friends. It’s all about finding balance so, take this time to recharge you batteries.


You’re naturally a supportive-type so you tend to want to share your input when you think it can be helpful. Be aware of how you’re coming off this week and take the extra time to be sure to share positive words and gentle encouragement along with your suggestions. Your kindness will be appreciated more than you think. And be careful not to take things personally when someone declines your advice. You know you were being helpful. That’s all that matters, kind Virgo.


This week is all about balance and moderation, Libra. You might get carried away with the things you want rather than sticking to what you actually need. Remember, there’s a big difference between the two. It’s OK to treat yourself from time to time but, don’t allow material things and social events be ways to avoid working your program.


You may want to set some healthy limitations for yourself when it comes to social activities and commitments this week. Focus on your recovery, putting that first when deciding on what else you can pile on your plate. Exercising self-restraint makes you more effective today and could even simplify your life in ways you never imagined. You might be feeling a bit impulsive when it comes to starting something new; be sure to weigh out the situation first.


You might need to adjust your plans this week due to circumstances beyond your control. This will be a great exercise in realizing what you can and can’t control and in surrender and acceptance – something that we all need to be reminded about from time to time. Be flexible and remain willing, Sagittarius, this could really be a blessing in disguise. By doing so, you will see how perfect it all is. Hey, you might get out of an unwanted obligation. Stay calm and keep that sense of humor of yours. It isn’t all that bad.


A group of your friends will be planning something this week and will want you to join but, you aren’t necessarily feeling up to it. That’s OK, Capricorn – honor your mood and energy level – don’t push yourself beyond your limits. It’s fine to want some quiet time alone – sometimes – and honor your needs by graciously declining the invitation. Indulge yourself and be gentle with yourself. Just be sure that you’re not isolating. If you’re feeling down, pick up that 1,000-pound phone and make some calls!


You might feel inspired by someone this week, dear Aquarius, which might have you ready to jump in with both feet. Think carefully before committing your energy and lending a helping hand, though. It might be exciting at first but, it could quickly turn into more of a burden. Be careful to set clear and healthy boundaries and remember: a little diplomacy goes a long way and can head-off any hurt feelings or misunderstanding.


You’re waxing philosophical this week but be careful to stay in the present. Take a moment to get a fresh perspective on your current situation. Be aware of any unhealthy patterns that you missed when you were too busy to notice them. For now, the lessons you learn along the way are more important than reaching your destination.

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