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7 Feelings You Didn’t Know There Were Names For

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Author: Justin Mckibben

Ever have a feeling and not know if there was a name for it, but maybe some described a similar experience and you’re like, ‘yea, I know that feel’ but neither of you can call it anything in particular?

Sometimes we have this kind of sensory invasion which catapults us into a dilemma of misunderstood interpretation. Getting stuck in this moment of emotional gray-area we try to rack our brain for the vocabulary necessary to label what we are feeling, to try and figure out if it’s good or bad to feel it.

Rest assured, that feel is OK to feel. Then some tells you the name for it, and you’re all like ‘that’s a thing?’

Yes… yes that is indeed a thing… so feel it to the fullest. Us addicts and alcoholics especially have a hard time knowing how to successfully feel our feelings, even in recovery. But sometimes we just need to know what the feeling really is. Here are 7 feelings you didn’t know there were names for.

  1. Opia

You ever feel an extreme sense of invasive excitement when you make direct eye contact with someone, even for just an instant? There has been study after study dedicated to understanding the experiences we have when gazing into the eyes of another person, and it has been established time and time again eye contact is stimulating, although exactly how it strikes us is often lost in translation due to circumstances.

If someone is perceived as a threat, the feeling is typically an unpleasant one. If people are attracted to each other, it is a more welcomed experience.


  1. Ellipsism

Ever get a little sad or even depressed over the realization that you won’t live to see the distant future? Not necessarily getting all upset because you won’t see flying cars or hover-boards (thanks a lot Back to the Future) but like when an elderly individual realizes they will never see a baby grandchild mature into a full-grown adult.

This feeling is called Ellipsism, and it surely exists with the idea of coming to terms with our own mortality.


  1. Chrysalism

I love a good rainstorm. I’m all about going outside and doing my rain-dance through a downpour. It’s just an awesome feeling. I could also be watching from my window, and that is where this comes in.

Chrysalism is the sense of peace, warmth and serenity people experience when inside a warm and dry house during an intense storm. It is a feeling of easy and protection that has even been compared to the feeling of being back in the womb.

Personally I say a storm just feels good no matter where you’re sitting.


  1. Adronitis

This is that feeling when you meet someone new and interesting, but you get frustrated at estimating how long it will take to develop the relationship fully.

When you meet someone and have an intense desire to develop a bond as fast as possible, but deep down you know it will take a lot more time, you are getting an adronitis feeling. Like when you meet a special someone and want to be in love right away, but you know a real connection means knowing more personal information and sharing yourself in far deeper ways, which usually doesn’t happen overnight… usually.


  1. Liberosis

Most adults have desired at some point to be kids again. How awesome would it be to abandon responsibility and just be care-free?

Liberosis is the desire to care less, to be throw caution to the wind and be a child again with no concerns or responsibilities.

Yea… this one hits home. I just want nap time back.


  1. Jouska

I’m the type of person who experiences this one most of the day, and while I usually call it being neurotic, the feeling associated with is can be called Jouska.

It’s the hypothetical conversation we play over and over in our minds, trying to plan ahead every sentence of a conversation and predict every retort. This can become manipulation at its finest.

Yes… alcoholics, drug addicts, we know this feeling well.


  1. Exulansis

If you have ever just given up on telling a story or having a conversation about an experience you felt was important for the simple fact you feel like others are unable to understand or relate, then this is that feel.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to explain my thesis on Batman’s life and legacy, but some people just don’t get it.


Sometimes we feel things we don’t understand. Other times we understand it just fine, we just don’t want it. What it comes down to is making peace with who we are and how we feel, and trying to establish healthy understandings and relationships with those feelings. Building healthy connections isn’t always easy, but knowing the vast range of our feelings can help us move in the right direction.

Drug abuse and addiction have a way of interfering with the way we feel, and they often lead us to react to those feelings in ways that hurt us and those around us, but there is a way to get out of those bad habits and build a better life. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135


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