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8 Things That Will Totally Change Your Perspective

It is said your perception is your reality. The easiest way to change your reality is to change your perspective. Once we change the way we view the world, and the way we see everything in it, we have a true freedom to change our lives and what every moment in it means to us. There is an endless variety of avenues you can use to change your perspective. If you are ready to let go of the old beliefs, the old fears, and the definitions you’ve attached to the elements of your life then here are 8 things that will totally change your perspective.

  1. You must take credit for your part in your resentments

Shifting the blame to others is easy, but it is not conducive to growth. Taking responsibility to the ways you affect others and how those actions result in your resentments is central to letting go of that grudge. If you are going to truly forgive someone else, you need to see you own imperfections and accept the issue between you as a difference in perspective.

  1. The Drug or Drink is NOT the problem

Consider that a drink or drug for an addict or alcoholic is not the real problem, but a symptom of an illness can truly change the way you think about your recovery. Looking at the drink or the drug as major factor is not incorrect, but we also should try considering that the reason we drink or get high has to do with emptiness inside or a negative and destructive perspective we have adopted as fact.

  1. Fear of change can trap you in the worst ways

Being afraid of change can hold us back from full recovery. If we are too afraid to move forward, we run the risk of trapping ourselves in a stagnant situation. We have to welcome change as a necessary part of life in recovery. If we get too comfortable in what is easy, we never reach out and achieve more, and risk falling back into our old ideas of ‘normal’.

  1. Courage is being afraid, but acting anyway

It is OK to be afraid. True courage has nothing to do with not having fear. True courage is having that fear and taking action anyway, regardless of possible outcomes, for hope of a triumph. Having faith in the future takes the sting out of a fear, and taking a leap of faith is bravery in motion.

  1. Being thankful is a thought, gratitude is taking action

Being thankful is important, and being grateful is taking that feeling and putting it to use. To be truly grateful is to show appreciation by returning the favor. You can spread that gratitude by being respectful to those who do things for you with no thought of themselves, or doing something for someone else to pass on that good energy.

  1. Your pain is a gift

Anything that happens to us only holds the value we give it. Our trials and tribulations only carry the meaning that we attach to them. By looking at our obstacles as opportunities to grow, give, or learn we empower ourselves and not our pain. We are not defined by our mistakes or misfortune, but by what we do with the experience.

  1. Someone else is happy with less than what you have

When we start to feel sorry for ourselves, or we start to not appreciate the things we do have, it is helpful to remember that somewhere out there someone has much less than you and they are happy with it. Ambition is healthy, but greed or jealousies are poison when we cannot be grateful.

  1. All you need is love

As people we all have an inherent need for love. No one person is worthy of love, and in the end that is the only thing we really want. Every action someone else takes is not designed to hurt you or be better than, it is just a strategy designed to seek love, subconscious or consciously.

  1. Every moment is beautiful

Take a second to look around you and notice the incredible elements of the’ mundane’. The things we take for granted are amazing in themselves if we take the time to really think about them. Like a cell-phone that can find you on a map from outer-space and send coded messages and images through thin air in real time. Like a star that illuminates our sky and feeds our planet with rays of energy, giving life from years away. Or even a human being that understands us for who we are and who loves us unconditionally anyway.

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