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The 9 Most Attractive Things Spiritually Fit People Do

When someone is spiritually fit, it means that they take the time to center themselves in this crazy, hectic world by building a deeper connection with something greater than themselves. These people tend to be well-adjusted, kind, and congenial. So, it’s no wonder that others are drawn to them – as friends, lovers, business partners, and so on. Here are the 9 most attractive things spiritually fit people do.

1.) They smile

When I think of a spiritually fit person, I picture someone who tends to smile a lot, even at strangers. People who walk around with a scowl on their face may not be doing it intentionally (sometimes known as ‘B!tchy Resting Face’) but, there is such a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit that, if you have a tendency to frown, chances are you’re not in the best place, spiritually- and emotionally-speaking.

2.) They laugh

Likewise, people who are well-adjusted and who take the time to cultivate their spirituality tend to laugh often even when times are tough and it’s not so easy to do so. Spiritually fit people look for the humor in almost all circumstances and add levity to situations that could use it.

3.) They don’t talk trash about people

Let’s face it, gossip is very hurtful. A great lady famously said, “Great Minds Discuss Ideas, Average Minds Discuss Events, Small Minds Discuss People.” That great lady was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and she epitomized the spiritually fit person.

4.) They manage their expectations

People who are doing well in the spirituality department are good at managing their expectations – of others, of situations, etc. They remain realistic while at the same time they are optimistic. Managing expectations and simply bracing for the worst are two very different ways to live and people who are spiritually fit know the difference.

5.) They don’t judge

We’re all human and thus, we have a tendency to pass judgment on others. However, spiritually fit people are aware of their judgments, keep them to themselves, and allow for the person to be themselves – without making them conform to these preconceived expectations.

6.) They don’t complain

OK, it’s normal and healthy to vent from time to time but, spiritually fit people draw the line at complaining. They look for solutions rather than dwell on the problems. In fact, they might not even see problems as ‘problems,’ rather as challenges. They remain optimistic in order to give insight into the meaning of their lives and to find solutions to their problems.

7.) Take responsibility for themselves

One of the most attractive things that spiritually fit people do is that they hold themselves accountable and don’t blame others for their mistakes or misfortunes. They see their part in it and then take the necessary steps to rectify the situations and/or move on.

8.) Practice random acts of kindness

Another one of the most attractive things spiritually fit people do is they think of others. Whether it’s sending off a “just thinking of you” text to a friend who’s going ‘through it’ or simply holding the door for a stranger, people who possess inner peace and joy seem to constantly think of others and show it in their actions.

9.) The carry themselves with confidence

Being spiritually fit also brings with it a certain air of confidence (not to be confused with cockiness) and this, perhaps is the most attractive thing of all. Someone who believes in themselves, is willing to take a leap of faith and bet on themselves – whether in a business venture or when asking the person of their dreams out on a date – and maturely deals with rejection: by dusting themselves off and getting back on the horse, are super totally attractive and a person you’d want in your corner in life.

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