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Addict Logic

Author: Justin Mckibben

As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, it is funny to talk about how insane my logic used to be, and how I could justify so many ridiculous things in my life in ways that to a ‘normal’ person seems so outrageous there isn’t even a word for it. However in my eyes these explanations made perfect sense and it was shocking no one else could see them. Ignorance is bliss, or maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder fits this scenario. Either way people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have some of the most incredibly backwards logic and we often don’t even know it, or we do but it has been normalized.

Here in this article I’m going to address a few examples of the alibis we give for our madness, and hopefully some people will relate or maybe I’m crazier than anyone expected. Maybe if you’re not sure about how bad your addiction is, this kind of logic will help you decide. To help me better illustrate my point, I have commander Spok of Star Trek (who is the MASTER of logic) here to help, and we’re going to hash-tag (#) this article like crazy, because that would be the logical thing to do, right?!

I’m not going to take any cash with me tonight, because then I can’t buy any drugs… but I will take my bank card just in case I need to hit an ATM.

Addict Logic


I didn’t die from my overdose?! Good, because I still have drugs to do!

Addict Logic

#YOLO #BackFromTheDead

I did really well and didn’t use drugs all day… so let me reward myself with a bunch of drugs tonight!

Addict Logic


Well now that I have successfully completed detox, my tolerance will have gone down and I can use.

Addict Logic

#Lightweight #Winning

I won’t prostitute myself for drugs; I just have sugar daddies who buy them for me.

Addict Logic

#Diva #PimpinAintEasy #OldestProfession

I feel like such a failure for being an addict, and I hate feeling my feelings, so I’m going to keep getting high so I don’t have to feel bad for getting high.

Addict Logic

#SeemsLegit #ZombieLife #SoManyFeels

I’m getting clean, so my parents should pay my rent because I deserve it.

Addict Logic

#ImSoFancy #FirstWorldProblems

Like 5 people have died from that guy’s drugs, so I need to find him because the drugs MUST be good.

Addict Logic

#GoBigorGoHome #WalterWhite  

I’ll only get high when I play Xbox… now if only I could stop playing Xbox.

Addict Logic

#HIGHScore #DontHatethePlayer #HatetheGame

I’m so sick, there’s no way it’s from the drugs. In fact, I need to take the drugs to feel BETTER!

Addict Logic

#NOPEChuckTesta #HealthyLivin #GluttonFree

I was a total heroin addict, so I stopped using heroin. Now I just drink a lot of beer and use painkillers.

Addict Logic

#StuntDouble #IHaveaPrescription

 All jokes aside we addicts have a very funny way of making things sound like a good idea at the time, like excuses why we keep using, reasons we don’t need to quit, and even why we relapse. Addicts are not stupid people by any means, we are brilliant in so many ways whether we see it or not and we tend to perfect the art of manipulation and self-deception. Our thinking patterns and our instincts often lead us to believe our bad ideas to be inspired and helpful, but we are only furthering our physical and mental anguish.

Commander Spok, you are dismissed!

Addict Logic

Once we addicts and alcoholics can take an honest look at the way we handle ourselves, at the way we treat others, and at the way that our lives are impacted by the actions and the ideas that we use to define us as individuals and justify or rationalize our erratic and irresponsible behavior. Once we take a look at the damage we cause ourselves and others, we can start to mend our lives, but first there much be a mental change and actions taken for recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135



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