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Medicaid Funding for Addiction Treatment Author: Justin Mckibben For those who don’t know, if someone relies on Medicaid to provide them with the coverage they need for healthcare, then for years now their only option when it comes to getting treatment for drug or alcohol... Learn More
The Day Before I Came To Treatment The day before I came to treatment….honestly, a lot of it is a blur to me now. And that’s not just a figure of speech. I am, in all honesty, struggling with some cognitive deficits, especially when it comes to... Learn More
The 4 Most Common Fears about Going to Rehab Getting the help needed to overcome can be a scary concept, especially when we come to terms with something like substance abuse or addiction but we are afraid of what we don’t know about the rehabilitation process. For most people... Learn More
Rehab in Marvin, NC Rehab in Marvin, NC: The Basics For rehab in Marvin, NC you have options close by in Charlotte, NC and Waxhaw, NC. Each has a different approach, but they work off the basics to the process of recovery. Make sure... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Chester, PA Being physically dependent or addicted to alcohol and drugs is no way to live life. It’s a lonely and depressing existence. And it’s like being enslaved by your habit: you can’t go anywhere or do anything without drinking or using... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Warren County Drug treatment in Warren County is the solution if you find yourself hooked on drugs and alcohol. By “hooked,” it means that you keep drinking and/or drugging even though you might want to stop because you simply don’t know how... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Cape May County If you have ever had the thought: maybe I need to “cut back on my use” – whether it’s drinking, drugging, or both, and you have considered getting help – this is a good indication that you probably should get... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Bergen County, NJ What is the Purpose of Drug Treatment in Bergen County? Drug treatment in Bergen County is a specific program tailor-made to help people like you, who have become physically dependent on drugs and alcohol. Physical dependence and substance abuse are... Learn More
Cigna Drug Rehab Are you aware that many health insurance companies offer coverage for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction? Cigna is one of the best health insurance companies that offers comprehensive coverage for substance abuse and addiction. The reason for this... Learn More

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