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"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

ER meh GERD everyone is annoying today! People are just awful! I don’t have time to deal with YOUR problems! Life isn’t fair! These are a few of those oh so familiar feelings that some of us in recovery have once in a while. Maybe not in these exact words, but tell me you have never had a day that felt like your alarm clock was the devil, and rolling out of bed was like running a marathon.

Sometimes we get a little complacent, or things seem to catch up to us and before we even notice our lives have suddenly become a little more complicated or stressful. In a seemingly unrelated topic, you may also be slacking on building yourself spiritually.  Or maybe, just maybe the fact that you are feeling a certain way is because you need to step up your spiritual game, so let us look at some indicators it’s time to raise the proverbial bar.

“Everyone is annoying!”

"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

If you are starting to notice too many people are getting on your last nerve, you should probably consider the fact that maybe you are losing sight of what it means to be humble and open to accepting others. To be annoyed by people on a regular basis probably indicates you are too busy taking the inventory of those people to see how you are lacking in spiritual progress.

“I don’t have time to deal with your problems!”

"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

It is important to remember what a gift it is to give to other people. No matter if it is helping someone accomplish a task, listening to their feelings and concerns, or offering any kind of advice you are taking an opportunity to step outside of selfish motives and do something for someone else. The practice of doing for others is a way to grow spiritually and spread that wealth, so be sure to rise to the occasion. Being inconsiderate is a character defect you cannot always afford to ignore.

“Life isn’t fair!”

"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

When you start throwing pity parties for yourself, it is a clear cut indication that you are not doing all that you can to grow in a spiritual sense. Being appreciative of the things you have, the relationships you are working through, and especially your sobriety is so important. If you start dwelling on the mind-state that life does not treat you well, you are reverting back to selfish and self-seeking motives. One of the biggest spiritual principles there is happens to be gratitude, so try stepping outside what you want and finding ways to show how grateful you are to have what you have.

“I’ll hurt you if I have to!”

"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

Picking fights with others is a sure fire way to put the brakes on your spiritual growth. By intentionally making situations into verbal or even physical confrontations you are not only showing your lack of humility and growth, but you are affecting the growth of others. It is OK not to agree with everyone all the time and it is perfectly fine to be passionate or assertive with your beliefs, but to invite rash and hurtful forms of debate and behavior means you definitely need to practice some acceptance and respect for those around you. Violence is a way to deliberately sabotage your spiritual game, and you need to step up and find resolutions that are consistent with your spiritual values.

“She/He is my EVERYTHING!”

"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

Relationships are important. Intimate relationships can be tricky, especially in recovery. When you find yourself more and more concerned with what he or she is doing and base your feelings off of their feelings, it has definitely become a problem. Yes, it is important to emphasize and be supportive in a relationship, but when your love interest is the only thing that keeps you afloat, it means you are seriously letting your spirituality take a back seat to your romance. Your sanity, happiness, and recovery should not be dependent on theirs. You can try integrating spiritual activities into your relationship, but absolutely put time into your own spiritual connection and expression.

“I got nothing left to learn!”

"Everyone is Annoying Today" (And Other Signs it's Time to Up Your Spiritual Game)

Getting yourself back on track and even surpassing your own expectations in recovery is incredible. It is never a bad thing to surprise you with doing well and accomplishing new goals. However, to let success and knowledge go to your head is likely to cause problems. Acting unteachable is another way people in recovery forget about humility and lose that desire to seek spirituality. By thinking you have nothing left to learn and no one else can offer anything you can’t do alone your cutting yourself off from the ability to receive new spiritual concepts, and might miss out on things that can lead you to be even more enlightened.

Recovery from substance abuse or addiction is an incredible process, and it does take a lot of effort, understanding, and willingness to create effective change for life. Spiritual and emotional growth gives someone suffering with substance abuse or addiction new power and potential to overcome the things that hurt them and the ones they love the most. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction there is help in beginning the journey of spiritual and emotional evolution. Please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

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