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10 Things I Learn From Being a Sponsor Author: Justin Mckibben As an active member of a 12 Step fellowship, I was given the suggestion upon completing the other steps to sponsor a newcomer who struggles with alcohol and drugs. Actually my sponsor made a deal with me... Learn More
Should I Sponsor Someone on Narcotics? Sponsorship is essential in 12 Step fellowships as part of contributing to the sober community, helping others, and maintaining personal sobriety. At least that is how my sponsor explained it to me. If your sponsor says different you should listen... Learn More
11 Things Only Men in Recovery Understand [caption id="attachment_11774" align="aligncenter" width="441"][/caption] Recovery has a large population of men, and in sobriety most guys step up and step out of ego and immaturity (or we at least try) in order to be better men.  We typically have pride,... Learn More
The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV [caption id="attachment_11749" align="aligncenter" width="421"][/caption] Television and the media are all about dramatization. It is the Medias job to do everything possible to take any situation and make it intense or entertaining in some way to draw the audience into... Learn More
The 6 Common Fears of All People in Recovery [caption id="attachment_10356" align="aligncenter" width="348"] via[/caption] The life of active addiction and alcoholism, in my own experience, is one fueled by fear. Emotional and social anxieties are a huge part of the mentality and daily life of someone in active... Learn More
What a Sponsor Is (and What a Sponsor IS NOT) I have a sponsor, who has a sponsor (who has a sponsor), and I sponsor. This is little cliché if you've heard it before, but it is too vital to overlook. Recovery from substance abuse offers so many incredible gifts... Learn More
8 Struggles Every 20-Something in Recovery Knows About   [caption id="attachment_10286" align="aligncenter" width="426"] Photo Credit:[/caption]   Being in your 20’s in recovery can be quite a challenge and some tough years to begin your sobriety in. I’ve thought of 8 struggles every 20-something in recovery knows about.... Learn More
10 Things You Should Never Say About Your Sponsor [caption id="attachment_10079" align="aligncenter" width="498"] via[/caption] Sponsors are an integral part of any fellowship program of recovery and they deserve a certain level of respect. After all, they have agreed to work with you in discovering a solution so that... Learn More

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