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X Factor Star Commits Suicide Author: Justin Mckibben Singer Simone Battle was a beautiful and talented young woman, a finalist who made it through to the top 17 talented musicians in the United States popular 2011 series The X Factor, and this past Friday she... Learn More
Are Creative Types More Prone to Addiction? Author: Justin Mckibben Is it a muse to self-medicate? Do artists, musicians and other innovative thinkers have a defective piece of the personality puzzle that makes us more vulnerable to drinking and drugs? Creativity is an art of the imagination... Learn More
Jonny Craig- Sobriety or Subsisting? [caption id="attachment_12864" align="aligncenter" width="432"][/caption] Jonny Craig is an amazing vocalist, an awesome artist who has been part of many bands including Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, his own solo project and now his newest group Slaves. In the past few years... Learn More
How I Found My Passion in Sobriety The gifts of sobriety are incredible. All people are born with potential to find something they truly love to do and pursue that with passion. The genuine love for the things we do and the emotional connection to achieving new... Learn More
The 12 Best Songs About Recovery   [caption id="attachment_9199" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Photo Credit:[/caption]   Everyone loves a song that they can relate to; and being in recovery there are a lot of songs out there from musicians who struggled with addiction. Below I’ve listed what... Learn More
5 Songs That Are Secretly About Drugs Back in the day, singers and songwriters had to hide their songs about drug use and disguise it as something else. They weren’t allowed to sing publicly about drugs. But in newer age music, are artists still doing this? I... Learn More

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