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Palm Partners Drug Rehab Center

Usually, addicts and alcoholics don’t want to go into drug treatment, let alone stay in drug treatment long-term. That is the condition of our disease; it tells us we don’t need help and if we start to feel better even in the smallest sense of the word we think we are healed. The addict and alcoholic never truthfully have a full understanding of their disease until they have gotten a good amount of clean time. At Palm Partners, you get clean time under your belt, they have a holistic approach to treatment and really work on helping you get through your issues and start on your road to recovery.

Palm Partners Drug Rehab Center: What is drug treatment?

All treatment centers have different treatment methods. At Palm Partners long term drug treatment follows a stage system that allows persons to gain rewards and more freedom with success and achievement in different aspects of treatment. Usually drug treatment at Palm Partners is anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Their drug treatment program includes a level of care that is intense and all encircling. Drug treatment includes customary relapse prevention, psychotherapy, massage, yoga, therapy, exercise, nutrition counseling, recreational opportunities and 12 step programs.

Palm Partners Drug Rehab Center: What is different about Palm Partners?

The longer you stay at any drug rehab center that you go to, the more benefits you are going receive. Nonetheless, at Palm Partners there are some added advantages that no other treatment center can match. Palm Partners knows the significance of the length of stay in rehab is so they offer a guarantee for sobriety. They guarantee that if you stay at minimum 90 days in long term drug treatment, and then complete a year of coaching and counseling, then you are certain to stay sober. If you don’t stay sober then your next trip to rehab is free! This is known as the Palm Partners Guarantee.

The Palm Partners Guarantee:

1. Provided the individual has been in a Residential Treatment Facility for a full 90 days of residential care, and then is compliant with the Recovery Coaching Program for a full year after that, if such an individual relapses they may return for treatment at the same facility for a thirty day relapse prevention program free of charge.

2. A “relapse” means using alcohol, illicit drugs or non-prescribed medication. The “same facility” means the Palm Partners Treatment facility where the individual received initial care.

3. Palm Partners retains the right to refuse a second Residential treatment to an individual who was discharged for disruptive behavior, harm to other clients, or noncompliance with our Residential Procedures the first time. This is in order to ensure the safety and recovery of all clients.

4. Note that the above offer is exclusive of medication costs, and medical detoxification.

Palm Partners Drug Rehab Center: Benefits of Palm Partners drug treatment

Some other benefits of Palm Partners drug treatment are that it keeps you in a safe environment and permits you to learn more about yourself while also preparing yourself for going back to your life. The body, mind and spirit needs time to heal and the longer you allow that happen the better your chances of success and at achieving the ultimate goal of lifelong sobriety as well as happiness. Palm Partners offers a stay from 30 to 90 days and also gives you a guarantee. At Palm Partners, we truly care about helping you to stay sober and even have an alumni program and social media to keep up with you and see how you are doing in your new-found sobriety. We have dedicated our lives to helping others and will continue to do that and share the gift that so many of us were given in staying sober. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll free 1-800-951-6135.

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