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Palm Beach County Hosting Narcan Training Author: Justin Mckibben According to some statistics, opioids killed nearly 30,000 Americans in 2014. This includes illicit narcotics and prescription painkillers. In the last two years there have been reports from all over the country of surges in overdoses and... Learn More
FDA Officially Approved Narcan Nasal Spray Author: Justin Mckibben We got a piece of exciting news this week that may help send the struggle with opiate addiction in America in a different direction. The opiate outbreak fueling the overdose death epidemic in America has been driven... Learn More
74 Heroin Overdoses in 72 Hours! Author: Justin Mckibben As if the problem wasn't real enough, the city of Chicago was just shook up something serious by an eruption of heroin overdoses. On a list done a while back the state of Illinois statistics had shown the... Learn More
New Focus on Fatal Fentanyl Outbreak Author: Justin Mckibben This new street form of Fentanyl in Canada according to local authorities is seen as little green pills, but what the unsuspecting addict doesn't see is that Fentanyl is an opiate potent enough to be lethal, and currently... Learn More
In the News: Bad Batch of Heroin Plagues Pittsburgh Heroin overdoses were responsible for at least four deaths in Pittsburgh, Pa., Sunday, thus naming this a “major public health crisis.” Over the past week, there have been 14 heroin overdoses. The victims all had well-known pasts of drug abuse.... Learn More

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