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Substance Abuse Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Seeing as Delray Beach is the recovery capital of the world, it would be logical that there is great substance abuse treatment in Delray Beach, FL. They offer a safe detoxification, treatment choices and after care for you. Going to substance abuse treatment in Delray Beach, FL can be a life changing experience for an addict or alcoholic.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Delray Beach, FL: Taking Action and Going to Detox

The first step on the road to any resolution is acknowledging you have a problem; once you’ve disclosed you need help with your addiction and go into one of the substance abuse treatments in Delray Beach, FL they will get you started on medication. It is very risky to just stop using any drug cold turkey without medical guidance. The objective of the detoxification process is to start you on medication to assist in decreasing your withdrawal symptoms. They will medically oversee your detox while gradually weaning you off of that medication until you are no longer taking any medication. It is impractical to think you aren’t going to feel any withdrawal symptoms; so they do their best to make them as manageable as possible.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Delray Beach, FL: Next Step is Treatment

After you have ended the detox process in substance abuse treatment in Delray Beach, FL they will suggest you go to a treatment center to further your knowledge and help with your sobriety. At the treatment center they will assess you and make a treatment strategy for you. In rehab, you will be assigned a particular therapist for individual meetings and go to group therapy sessions with the other clients. They keep you full of activity throughout the days and on a schedule for certain activities and meetings. Usually in the evenings they will take you and the other clients out to 12-step meetings. For me, it was imperative to make friends and get to know the recovery scene around me.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Delray Beach, FL: After Care and Halfway House

Now that you have finished your in-patient stay in rehab, going to the Intensive Outpatient Program is what regularly comes next. In IOP you go to group therapy a couple of days a week and still see your therapist for individual sessions. It is also very common to go into a halfway house or some sort of sober living location. For me, it was terrifying leaving rehab and going into a halfway house made it a lot more stress-free. In halfway they will require you pass drug tests, assign you a curfew, want you to get a job and clean up after yourself, and usually pay rent weekly. This is all getting you ready for your everyday life and how to function in society. It is also necessary in most IOP and halfway houses that you frequently go to meetings and have a sponsor. Getting involved in the 12-step programs has to be one of the things that was suggested most to me in recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Delray Beach, FL: Meetings and Carrying the Message

Going to meetings such as AA, CA or NA is very important to my recovery. It was made known that if I wanted to continue and have long-term sobriety, this was what I needed to get tangled up in. Getting a sponsor and working the steps is an incredible experience and has brought my life so much peace and contentment. Giving back and carrying the message to other addicts and alcoholics today seems so minimal in comparison to what the program has done for me and my life. Going to substance abuse treatment in Delray Beach, FL can start you on your voyage to freedom for drugs and alcohol and can be beneficial to giving you a new life in recovery! If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll free 1-800-951-6135.

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