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California says NO to Pot Delivering Drones Californians expecting to get their marijuana delivered via drone should not hold their breath. A new set of regulations will make it harder for California businesses who try to deliver pot in unique ways. The legalization of marijuana has raised... Learn More
Medical Marijuana Plan Pass in Ohio House Author: Justin Mckibben In a historic turn of events for legislators in the home of the Buckeyes, Ohio lawmakers in the House have passed a medical marijuana plan after an extensive debate reaching across both sides of the aisle. For the... Learn More
Legal Weed Winning Most of Midterms Author: Justin Mckibben This past Tuesday November 4th, 2014 the voting midterms drew to a close by early evening and as all the results were tallied and laws were forged and forfeited, it became clear that voters were largely in favor... Learn More
Politicians Split Over Pot Policies Author: Justin Mckibben American politicians are soon to face an unprecedented number of US cities and states putting to the voters tomorrow the decision on whether they should follow suit with marijuana legalization as in Colorado and Washington. With so... Learn More
No Folks, Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug  By Cheryl Steinberg Being less of an alcohol fan and more a certified pothead (in my using days, that is), I was always annoyed by the people who would go around saying that marijuana is a gateway drug; that it... Learn More
7 Real World Benefits of Decriminalized Drugs Author: Justin Mckibben In the recent months, and over the past year in several areas, there has been a lot of legislation in regards to creating a bill designated to regulate marijuana for medical reasons. A few states have already passed legislation specifically... Learn More

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