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11 Things We Know About the New Opioid Bill
11 Things We Know About the New Opioid Bill
New Opioid Bill to Fight the Ongoing Crisis In the month of October, President Donald Trump signed a package of bipartisan bills for initiatives designed to address the ongoing opioid crisis in America. The recent legislation is being called a... Learn More
Fentanyl in Philadelphia Causing Severe Overdose Spike Author: Justin Mckibben In Philadelphia, there have been nearly 800 fentanyl overdoses this year. According to figures released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a sharp rise in drug overdose deaths, which many attribute in part... Learn More
California says NO to Pot Delivering Drones Californians expecting to get their marijuana delivered via drone should not hold their breath. A new set of regulations will make it harder for California businesses who try to deliver pot in unique ways. The legalization of marijuana has raised... Learn More

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